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globCentre for Climate Science and
Policy Research, CSPR

The Centre is an established and prominent reference point for studies related to climate science and policy research. Research topics revolve around mitigation and adaptation to a changing world climate, in Sweden and internationally, as well as the use of natural resources and sustainable development.






Research in four areas


   bild på fokusområde climate      bild på fokusområde knowledge


   focusarea landuse      focuarea vulnerability


right now

Launch of the Norrköpig Decision Arena

On March 30 at 14-17 we inaugurate the Norrköping Decision Arena. Opening speeches will be held by the Vice-Chancellor of Linköping University Helen Dannetun and Chairman of the Norrköping municipal Executive Board Lars Stjernkvist, Norrköping Municipality.

New article by Linnér and Wibeck published

Linnér, B-O & Wibeck, V (2015), Dual high-stake emerging technologies: a review of the climate engineering research literature. WIREs Climate Change.

New article: Narratives of the past for Future Earth

Uhrqvist, O and Linnér, B-O. (2015). Narratives of the past for Future Earth: The historiography of global environmental change research. The Anthropocene Review.

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