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Protect your house against a changed climate

visadaptA web tool for climate adaptation has been developed by researchers from the Nordic countries. Key in the information for your house and you’ll get immediate advice on how it should be protected against future climate events.

Rising temperatures, downpours, drought, and flooding are anticipated consequences of global climate changes. This is bad news, even for our residential buildings. A project within the Top-level Research Initiative, a Nordic research centre for climate, environment and energy, is now offering web-based support for homeowners.

The VisAdaptTM tool is user-friendly and can help both individual homeowners and government authorities with community planning. It is built on regional, downscaled scenarios of the anticipated changes to the climate in the Nordic region over the next 40–60 years. The advice it gives deals, for example, with how to avoid water leakage, flooding, rot and high indoor temperatures.

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New article by Linnér and Wibeck published

Linnér, B-O & Wibeck, V (2015), Dual high-stake emerging technologies: a review of the climate engineering research literature. WIREs Climate Change.

New article: Narratives of the past for Future Earth

Uhrqvist, O and Linnér, B-O. (2015). Narratives of the past for Future Earth: The historiography of global environmental change research. The Anthropocene Review.

Ambitious and transparent mitigation action in NAMAs and INDCs

On 6 December, CSPR co-organized a side-event to the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima on "Ambitious and transparent mitigation action in NAMAs and INDCs.” Mathias Friman presented on the topic of "Matching Design and Support of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions”.

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