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Knowledge as a power factor in global environmental research policy

bild på ola uhrqvistFor decades, researchers have been developing ever more complex models that predict and illustrate the consequences of global environmental changes, models that form the foundation of decisions about environmental policy. In the first thesis from the new Unit of Environmental Change Ola Uhrqvist shows how the models grew, took form and were shaped by contemporary thinking.

In his thesis “Seeing and knowing the Earth as a system”, he tracks scientific debate in global environmental research and shows the links between production of knowledge in various research programmes on the one hand, and on the other hand discussion of what can and should be done to create sustainable living environments within the boundaries of our planet.

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Storbjörk S, Uggla Y. The practice of settling and enacting strategic guidelines for climate adaptation in spatial planning: lessons from ten Swedish municipalities. Springer Berlin/Heidelberg; Regional Environmental Change. 2014.

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